I got up soooooooooooooo early today to get to the place where we held
the speech and reading(reciting) contest at 7:00.
I was the first one getting there. Our school manager got there a little
later than i had expexted.
The program started at nine and lasted for about three hours.
I personally thought that most of the entries did a good job.
By the way, there's something interesting.
One student said, "I'm number blablabla." while telling her number.
Of course she corrected it immediately and steadily (impressive).
I bet she had practice it so many times that she got really used to it. :p
There were 3 winners of 24 students in reading contest
and 3 of 7 in speech contest.
I did wish that more prizes could be offered for the reading contest,
nevertheless that's not what i could dicide. -.-
Anyway, the whole program ended at around 12.

Jenny(one of the teachers) and i had lunch together and
we spent the afternoon watching "Miss Potter" and other TV shows
and chatting at her place.

In the evening, my parents took Michelle and i to a coffee shop which my mom
always wanted to show us in Chin-Shan.
We had dinner there and i think that that's really a nice place to go after
6:00 pm or it might be hot since they don't have air conditioner.
We had hot pot and each of us had a giant glass of smoothie(ice blended).
Mine is mango smoothie with a scoop of ice cream.
It tasted great but i could hardly finish it.
We stayed there for around 2 hours and got home late. :)
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