My best friend

I have many friends. Among those friends, Tom is my best friend. He is thin and very tall. His eyes and ears are small, but he has a big mouth on his big round chubby face and he always likes to smile.

Tom likes to eat high-calorie food like cheese burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, French Fries and so on. I really want to know how he keeps himself thin.

He likes to play computer games, but he doesn’t like doing exercises. But I still wonder why he can be so thin and why can’t I?

Tom and I live in the same neighborhood and we are of the same age. We have the same hobbies, too. One of them is to play computer games. While playing computer games with Tom, he’s always the winner. However, I never feel sad since we have a good time together.

I also like to ride bicycles and play tennis with Tom. Sometimes we even go swimming after school. Though he’s not into sports, he’s still willing to play with me whenever I ask him out. Maybe I’m the one who helps him keep himself fit since I always invite him to exercise. But how come I can’t be as thin as Tom? What a mystery!

One day Tom and I went ice skating together. I was the star but he couldn’t begin, he wobbled and slipped and crashed on his hip, he got up and he fell down again, so I had to teach him. Now he can ice skate better than I can. That makes me feel really proud.

Besides those mentioned above, sometimes we would just share our time with each other talking about all the things in our daily life. We like to do our homework together. Whenever either of us has a problem, we solve the problem together because we do care about each other. And that really makes us feel terrific. When he’s around, I never feel down.

I’m so proud of having this wonderful friend. Though we argue from time to time and sometime we even fight with each other, still we are very close friends because we have good understanding between us. We also have lots of hobbies in common. I always feel happy when I’m with him. I’m really glad that I have such a good friend and I hope that our friendship could last forever.

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