Every time when I need to scold my students, I speak in Chinese.
I mean ->
Every time when I need to tell my students something they should know to behave themselves better, I speak in Chinese.
That's the reason why I spoke in Chinese in my class today.

Some of them..
Didn't finish their homework..
Didn't correct the mistakes on their quiz..
Didn't preview the new lesson..
Didn't even review the previous lesson..!!

Therefore, I was not happy and made them finish copying the chant which was their homework before they go home.

It's not easy to lead this class because..
Some of them weren't in our class till this semester.
Some of them are too old to change their habit of reading.
Some of them always think that they are too busy to study at home.
Some of them..........................

Maybe, the most important reason is... I was too nice to them.
I tried to give them less homework since I knew that most of them had a lot of homework and tests at school.
I always tell them how good they are if I found they made little progress.
I always tell them that I think they could do it better if they got a bad score on the test, hoping that they'll be better next time.

Am I right or am I wrong?

They don't have much homework, so they don't spend much time on studying?
They think they're good enough because I always tell them that they are good?

I know that there are many factors to make it like this.
I know some of them are very good and always finish everything on time.

Actually, I like my students in this class and I think they are nice and sweet most of the time.
I'm just a little disapointed at something and start wondering if I should try to be stricter with them to make them better.


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