I wanted to share some video of activities,

yet i just couldn't cut them into a proper length.

I'll share them some other day. ^^

For now, i'm going to show you the "Alphabet Cards" i just got for FREE!

What did i do to get it?

just simply sign up here

and they would send you a small gift.

Try it yourself and see what you will get. ^^

By the way, it only works for those who haven't been one of their members.

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  • brendajen
  • is there any materials for teaching Mandarin?
    and will they send to USA? cc~
    btw, u changed ur layout huh.. it looks great~!!
  • SophiaJen 於 2011/01/30 11:30 回覆

  • legendgirl
  • u can make ㄅㄆㄇ cards yrself!
    it won't be too difficult. :p
  • SophiaJen 於 2011/01/30 11:30 回覆

  • brendajen
  • oh~ they don't learn ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ here..
    They learn pinyin.
  • SophiaJen 於 2011/01/30 11:30 回覆