I finally bought my new digital camera last Sunday.
    Therefore, I can take photos of some of my teaching aids,
    well, honestly, i could take photos of them because they're still in my room
    which implies they haven't showed up in my class. :p
    Never mind. I'll use them some day. haha.
    here's the pictures.
    1. Stamps (heart-shaped & ocean animals)

    2. 12 finger puppets

    3. 6 puppets (a lion, a duck, a cow, a hippo, a monkey and a frog)

    Don't they look wonderful? ^_______^

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  • anniehooiwan
  • I love these puppets very much.
  • SophiaJen 於 2011/01/30 11:30 回覆

  • legendgirl
  • Me too. ^^
    and guess what, in my opinion, i got them at a low
    price. cc
  • SophiaJen 於 2011/01/30 11:30 回覆